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May 07, 2021

If you’ve just nailed your spring skincare routine, we’ve got news for you. It’s time to look ahead to the summer, because oh yes, things are about to heat up (we hope), and any change of seasons means a change to our skincare routine.

Before you start panicking about the products in your bathroom, don’t fret. This doesn’t have to be an overhaul. We’re all for little, clever tweaks that make our skin look 100% beautiful, without major work or budget required. Here’s how to nail it for your skin type.

Build a skincare routine that works

Here’s the headline. Your skin is impacted by seasonal changes. Everything from the weather to diet can influence our complexion. If you’re into this kind of thing, you will have also heard that eating what nature provides each season can benefit our bodies in all sorts of ways.

So, yes, your skincare needs a different approach across the year. If this is already spinning your head, don’t worry. Here’s a breakdown to help you pep up your skin for the summer.

Summer skincare essentials for every skin type

Wondering how to build a skincare routine to suit your skin type? Our skin isn’t one-size-fits-all. We all have different quirks and needs. That said, some common summer skincare essentials will see any skin type right.

  1. A good SPF – that goes for any skin type, any skin colour. You can use a separate one or choose a moisturiser with one included. Protect your skin and your health. Enough said.
  2. A good face wash – layering up extra products like SPF throughout the day can leave our skin clogged. So, whether you have dry or oily skin, or something in between, get a good face wash that will give you a deep-down cleanse without stripping your skin.
  3. An exfoliator – give your skin a deeper cleanse to refresh and revitalise. This can be with a weekly mask or a product with a gentle exfoliating action.

An added bit of advice is to follow good lifestyle tips too. That includes staying hydrated, eating healthily and getting enough sleep. And if you want to go the extra mile and look into seasonal foods, that could be an added adventure.

The best skincare routine for your skin in summer

Now you know the basics, how do you make those little, skin-winning changes to your regime? This goes for both your morning and night skincare routine. It’s time to get smart and make the right products work hard for you.

Here are the tweaks to think about by skin concern:

  • Dry and mature skin – the sun and heat can suck moisture out of our skin. You might not want to smother on heavy creams but introducing a face oil could soothe and hydrate.
  • Oily and blemish-prone skin – even oily skin can get dry in the summer heat. To keep your glow, pick an oily-skin suitable face oil like jojoba oil and pick a light moisturiser with hyaluronic acid.
  • Combination skin – combination skin types will know that their skin often gets oiler in the summer. Take care of your skin with a lightweight moisturiser, and consider introducing retinol, which can reduce oil production.
  • Rosacea – summer flare-ups are no fun when you have rosacea. A good SPF is extra important for you as well as choosing products that will protect and calm your skin.
  • Sensitive and eczema-prone skin – hot, sweaty conditions are a pain if you have eczema or sensitive skin too. Brace the elements with an SPF and pick oil-boosting products that won’t clog your pores when the temperatures rise.

Your holiday skincare routine

Do you have plans to go abroad this year? No, us neither. Although if you’re one of the people who said yes to that, hooray for you.

There’s something to be said for taking care of your skin while you’re on holiday, regardless of whether you’re lounging on a baking beach 9-5 or trekking up a hill in the north of England. Because when you’re on holiday, routines go out the window. And so should they. That is, except for your skincare routine.

Different climates while affecting our skin in different ways, but if you have the basics nailed, you don’t need to sweat too much over big changes. To make sure you’re not cutting corners, always make space in your toiletries bag for these essential skincare items:

  • A face wash or cleanser.
  • A good moisturiser.
  • An SPF.

If everything else in your routine goes a bit squiffy for a week or so, that’s ok. It probably won’t send your complexion into a spiral any more than eating and drinking too much will. But don’t be tempted to cut back on those big three skincare saviours.